Times are tough on “General Hospital” after the apparent death of Morgan Corinthos. Carly Corinthos will share with Michael Corinthos, Jr. that she blames Sonny Corinthos for the death of her youngest son and will move out and take Josslyn Jacks along with her.

Sonny tries to avenge Morgan

After Carly walks out on him, we will soon see Sonny hit rock bottom. He blames Julian Jerome and himself for Morgan’s death and decides to kill Julian to avenge his son and quench his own guilt. But more violence is the last thing that CarSon needs on “General Hospital.”

Sonny trying to make things right makes things worse onhis marriage because Carly has warned him about the violence but he won't stop.

Sonny can’t be reasoned with when he’s angry like this and even former hit man Jason Morgan can’t talk him down.

Two recent “General Hospital” spoiler videos show Julian and Sonny going after one another. While both will likely survive there is a chance that this violence could hurt others. Sonny’s aggression continues to alienate Carly.

Is there a chance for CarSon after this?

In the most recent Soap Opera Digest, “General Hospital” writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante said “This may be the challenge of all challenges” and reported “Their love will surely be tested after Morgan’s death” but also said “the deep enduring love they have for each other will never be forgotten.”

That seems like “General Hospital” viewers can hope that Sonny and Carlywill wind up together.

Other obstacles they face include Nelle Hayes and whatever she has planned to torment Carly plus Dante Falconeri investigating Sonny for Morgan’s death.Recent speculation by other gossip sites say that Sonny’s hit man may not be the one that placed the bomb in Julian’s car that killed Morgan. If this is true, that could help Carly forgive Sonny if she sees the tragic loss of their son is not his fault.

Will CarSon survive their youngest son’s death? Will Nelle interfere? Will Sonny be arrested for the car bomb? “General Hospital” plays daily on ABC.

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