ABC released a “General Hospital” spoiler video titled “Secret DNA test” that has us wondering who will turn out to be Charlotte West’s daddy since it seems like Nathan West is not. Maxie Jones sends a juice box to the DNA lab and the video spoiler promises shocking results.

DNA test proves Claudette a liar?

The “General Hospital” spoiler video asks “When your fiance’s ex is a lying liar who lies, it’s time for a second opinion.” Maxie slips the juice box into a Ziploc baggie as she makes a call and then asks “how long do paternity test results take?”The answer is about three days in Port Charles time because TV Guide “General Hospital” spoilers for Wednesday October 19 say that Maxie delivers “important news” and what is more important than proving Claudette Beaulieu is a liar?

Was Maxie wrong to call Claudette out when she did?

Even though Nathan will have to believe the DNA test results he won’t like that Maxie went behind his back. Was Maxie wrong to challenge Claudette in front of Charlotte? That is the problem Nathan has because he has already been taken in hook, line, and sinker by the lie.

Nathan might see Maxie’s negative attitude as inappropriate for discussion in front of his daughter. Those are pretty grown up topics to discuss in front of a little girl. No matter what lies Claudette has told Charlotte wasn’t in on them.

She’s just a kid and this will hurt her feelings.

Who is the daddy if Nathan is not?

A tabloid site recently mentioned that Charlotte has brown eyes but Nathan and Claudette have blue eyes which is pretty rare, but not impossible, in the genetic lottery. If not Nathan, then whose daughter does Claudette have?Claudette seems very attached to Charlotte so it still seems like a long shot that Charlotte is the child from Lulu Spencer’s embryo that Helena Cassadine stole.

Let’s assume that Claudette is the birth mother and that leaves us with three options:

  • Griffin Munro is the father
  • Valentin Cassadine is the father
  • Some random guy is the father

Who do you think is Charlotte’s father?

Griffin is a possibility since he and Claudette were sleeping together at the same time she was sleeping with Nathan. But Griffin also has light eyes so there is still that genetic issue of two parents with blue eyes birthing a brown eyed baby.

Valentin is a stronger possibility since he has dark eyes and Claudette could be lying about when she met him and began that relationship. She said it was after she had Charlotte but that could be a lie since she’s a lying liar who lies.

Claudette might have adopted Charlotte because she was lonely after Nathan dumped her and Griffin ran off. Or Claudette might have been sleeping around with random guys after she was dumped by both men. If that is true, Charlotte’s father could be absolutely anyone.

Who do you think is Charlotte’s father? Nathan or Griffin or Valentin? Do you think she’s the stolen embryo baby and belongs to Lulu?

Or it a random man Charlotte slept with?

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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