Next week onGeneral Hospital” spoilers say that Ava Jerome gets into it with Nelle Hayes and this could mean bad news for mobster mommy Ava. Will Nelle get some interesting info out of Ava? Nelle is up to something so will she use Ava to help with what she has planned?

Ava’s guilt could cause her downfall

TV Guide “General Hospital” spoilers say on Wednesday October 19 that Ava and Sonny Corinthos have a tense encounter and that she’s caught snooping. Then on Thursday October 20 Nelle confronts Ava when she catches her where she should not be.With Sonny moping around the house feeling bad about the death of Morgan Corinthos it could be in his own living room that he has the encounter with Ava if she stops by to visit Avery Jerome Corinthos but Sonny won’t be happy to see her since he blames Julian Jerome for Morgan dying.

Ava scrambles to find the fake pills?

Those watching “General Hospital” saw Morgan drop his pill container into the busboy’s trash bin at the Floating Rib. But Ava doesn’t know that. Since that was a daily pill container and Ava swapped the medication in his bottle, there might be some pills in his bedroom.

We know that Avery and Morgan’s bedrooms are close since that’s how Ava got access to Morgan’s pills to make the swap for real mental pharmaceuticals and the placebo she replaced them with. Will Ava go and try to take the bottle so that she’s not found out?

Will Nelle figure out what Ava is up to?

If Nelle catches herin Morgan’s bedroom instead of Avery’s since Nelle is there helping out with Avery. And if Nelle does catch Ava will she tell Sonny or use this information to somehow advance whatever game it is that Nelle is playing?Nelle seems to hate Kiki Jerome and Carly Corinthos but seems okay with the Corinthos men. She also seems to have a revenge plan cooking.

If she finds out Ava swapped Morgan’s medication Nelle could force Ava to do her bidding or tell Sonny to get closer to him.

Is Ava going down for Morgan’s death?

If Nelle figures out what Ava did then the Port Charles police might come after the lady mobsterand that would make Sonny and many “General Hospital” viewers happy. But who knows what the show will do with this storyline.ABC has been faking fans out right and left which is a good thing because it keeps watchers wondering what will happen next.

Do you hope Ava is arrested for the medication swap? Do you think Nelle will turn her in or use the information to her own benefit?

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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