ABC published a “General Hospital” spoiler video showingCarly Corinthos at her house crying and Jason Morgan is her shoulder to cry on but Carly might not like the advice she gets. This is early footage from the Monday October 17 episode of a scene between best friends Carly and Jason.

Carly can’t let go of her anger

Carly and Jason talk about Avery Jerome Corinthos since Carly had to leave the little girl with Sonny Corinthos since Carly is not her mother and has no legal rights. Jason tells Carly that if she’s worried about Avery, she should just go home to Sonny and be there with them.

Carly tells Jason that if she goes home to Sonny all she will think about is that she will never see Morgan Corinthos again. Jason reminds her that Sonny called off the hit but Carly says “it doesn’t matter” because the car bomb had already been placed.

She asks “what does that matter Jason?” Carly tells Jason they both know that Sonny is the one that ordered the hit. Some other sites have said that anyone from Joe Rivera to Nelle Hayes to Alexis Davis might have planted the bomb but that seems wildly speculative.

Carly won’t go back to Sonny

Carly says “I can’t go back to him” but will Jason change her mind? Jason then tries another approach and says “no matter how it happened” Sonny lost his child too. Jason says both of them are in pain for the same loss so both of them need each other.Carly says “I have you” to Jason and she thinks that is enough to get her through. But Jason has Sam Morgan to think about since she’s pregnant.

Which of the women in Jason’s life needs him more right now? At the moment it is Carly that has his attention.Jason tells Carly that he’s not enough but he wishes he was. Jason says “I wish I could take this burden from you” and says he wishes they could sit together on the couch and remember Morgan’s life together.

Is Sonny who Carly needs?

Jason also tells Carly that she has to find a way to move forward and Sonny is the only one who can help her with that.

Can Carly look past the blame and her anger? Sonny has no one with him right now except Nelle Hayes who will be talking to Sonny while this scene with Jason and Carly is going on.

Nelle offers sympathy to Sonny and there are “General Hospital” spoilers and rumors that she will offer much more. Nelle is there to babysit but winds up comforting Sonny who looks like he has hit rock bottom now that he’s been abandoned. That’s a situation to keep an eye on.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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