On “General Hospital” today, Franco Baldwin will talk to his mom Heather Webber and it’s all about the attack on Bobbie Spencer. Franco is right when he assumes Heather did it, but when you look back into GH history, there seems to be no motive for the attack.

Why Heather attacked Bobbie

Heather assumed Franco was the “General Hospital” serial killer. She told him repeatedly she believed he was doing the killings. Heather has never believed that a brain tumor was at fault for Franco’s homicidal urges.Heather sees killing as Franco’s “art” and wants to encourage it however she can.

Heather also knew that the night of the Holiday Gala at the MetroCourt that Franco would be there. So she broke out of her confinement and made her way to GH.

It’s all about the alibi and deniability

Given that Heather and Bobbie both have a past with Scotty Baldwin, she made as good a target as any. But it was just a coincidence that Bobbie was at the hospital. If not for Bobbie fainting, Heather would have attempted to kill some other patient.The fact that it was someone she probably had a grudge against over Scotty made it even more satisfying.

Heather wanted a GH serial killer victim to crop up when Franco had high visibility elsewhere so that he had a firm alibi and would be eliminated as a suspect.

How Franco knew it was Heather

Heather keeps telling Franco she knows he’s the killer and refuses to accept his denials. She also said that she has gone out of her way to protect him. What better way to show her precious son how much she loves him than to kill so he can keep killing.

Heather appears to be in a much more secure facility now but GH watchers know that she had a lot of money and could have bribed her way out for a night to go and commit murder at the hospital then come back. That gave both Heather and Franco alibis.

A “General Hospital” spoiler this week says that Franco gets a “stunning confession” from someone. That someone is Heather and it’s about the attempted murder of Bobbie and Lucas.

Will Franco turn his mother in is what most fans will be left wondering?Turning in Heather means GH can reopen and he and Elizabeth Webber can get their jobs back. That means betraying his mother who is utterly mad and a murderer but who loves him. What will Franco do? Will he choose love for Elizabeth over his mental mom?

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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