“General Hospital” spoilers recently released by the network show a whole week’s worth of haunted fun and ABC has included GH in the mix with a haunted celebration at the MetroCourt and some good old fashioned tricks and treats for our favorite characters.

Halloween is perfect for killers Jason and Franco

BothJason Morgan and Franco Baldwin are reformed killers but Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate their former dark sides. New “GH” spoilers tease that the two guys face off at the MetroCourt and enjoy some conflict while bobbing for apples and what not.

Sam Morgan and Elizabeth Webber will have to break up the tension between the two men when things get contentious. Franco told Sam he was sticking around and Elizabeth agreed that Jason needed to adjust to the fact that Franco is in her life whether he likes it or not.

With Jason worried about the mob conflict between Julian Jerome and Sonny Corinthos maybe he should have stayed home to hand out candy instead of coming to the biggest party in Port Charles where things are uncomfortable and the costumes aren’t the only things that are disturbing.

Spooky encounter with Sonny – is it Nelle?

Another “General Hospital” spoiler released by ABC for Halloween is that Sonny Corinthos will have a “big reaction to one of the Halloween revelers.” Is it Nelle Hayes finally making a move on Sonny as was predicted in ABC Soaps in Depth? Or it is one of the Jeromes?

Sonny and Carly Corinthos are going off the rail because of their son Morgan Corinthos’ death and he may be so fragile that he falls for Nelle.

Will creeper Nelle show up in a costume designed to confuse Sonny into thinking she’s someone else? That would be fun.

Or it could be Ava Jerome or her brother Julian Jerome that aggravates the Corinthos mob boss. Either way, it looks like Sonny is in for more tricks than treats this Halloween as he and his family have to face what looks like Morgan’s death in the mob hit gone wrong.

Will Franco come dressed as a good guy or bad guy this year?

Remember he came asAndy Warhol the year he and Carly were together. WillFranco and Elizabeth Webber go for a couple's costume? Happy Halloween GH'ers!

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