A “General Hospital” spoiler for next week has Anna Devane turning in her notice of resignation at the Port Charles Police Department to Commissioner Jordan Ashford but then she gets an intriguing new offer from her ex-husband Robert Scorpio that could change everything.

Back to the spy life?

Robert asks Anna to rejoin the WSB and a recent article from Soap Opera Digest explains that he has a tempting way to get her to come back and be a spy with him. He says that if she has the power of the WSB resources, she might be able to finally get Julian Jerome.

Since Julian was found not guilty in the murder trial, Anna has been frustrated and angry. That is part of the reason she resigns from the PCPD as the special investigator. The other reason is Paul Hornsby since she was hired by Paul and working for him while he was the district attorney.

WSB offer tempts Anna

Anna goes to her favorite psychiatrist Dr. Andre Maddox for advice after Robert calls her with the tempting job offer and asks what to do. It’s Griffin Munro that could make the decision easier for Anna because he’s going through a rough patch and she cares about him.

General Hospital” spoilers for next week have Griffin upset about his past and this could be about Claudette Beaulieu and their adulterous affair. Claudette is scared of Valentin Cassadine and there is drama there. Will Anna use the WSB job to keep an eye on Valentin?

Julian must pay

Anna and Griffin were both upset at the not guilty verdict because Duke Lavery can’t be avenged in court. Griffin is struggling to let go of his anger over Julian and having a tough time with it.

If Anna can find a way to use the WSB to take down Julian, maybe she can ease Griffin’s pain.

Julian’s crime network must extend beyond Port Charles and if it goes international there is a chance the WSB might be useful to take him down. Even if Julian goes to jail for something other than murder that would make Anna feel better and Robert knows this when he makes the job offer.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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