According to a new report, coming out of the Soap Opera Digest news camp, we're expected to see actor, Ingo Rademacher (left), to show back up on the scene in the not-to-distant future to reprise his role as character, Jasper "Jax" Jacks, in the ABC hit soap opera show, "General Hospital."

Jax is returning in November 2016

Unfortunately, the website didn't reveal any details about what Jax will be up to ,this time. However, they did say that we can expect to see him make his next, onscreen debut at some point during November 2016.

They said, specifically, during November sweeps, whenever that is. So, be sure to be on the lookout for him, next month.

Ingo hit up Instagram for the reveal

They say, Ingo broke the news of his most recent return, by hitting up his official Instagram to share the news by simply stating: "Back! @generalhospitalabc." Additionally, actress Laura Wright, who portrays character, Carly Corinthos, hit up her official Instagram page, as well, to post a pic of her and Ingo on set. She captioned it with: "Look who is here to play!!!

@ingorademacher #CarlysWorld."

Jax was last seen in a Josslyn storyline

The last time we saw Jax in action, was during some of the summer episodes. At the time, it was hinted that Jax was more heavily involved in Josslyn, getting Nelle's kidney from the black market than he admitted. It should be interesting to see what he'll be up to, next.

Currently, there's no intel about how long he'll be around this time as ,literally, all the return intel, came from those Instagram captions.

Hopefully, some more intel on Jax's return, will pop up in the next couple of weeks or so.

Robin Scorpio is showing back up

To add to this story, we also have another report from Soap Opera Digest that reveals, we're going to see actress, Kimberly McCullough, also show back up on General Hospital to reprise her role as character, Robin Scorpio. It's reported that her return, on-screen debut is scheduled for the upcoming Thursday, October 27th, 2016 episode.

Robin will be in some intense scenes

No real details were revealed as to what Robin will be doing back in Port Charles, but Kimberly did tell them that she filmed some really intense scenes, so look to see her get involved in ,what sounds like, to be some pretty dramatic stuff to say the least. Stay tuned.

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