This “General Hospitalrecap for Tuesday October 18 begins now. GH today shows Griffin Munro and Anna Devane work out at the gym and she’s in a mood. She rants about the car bomb that killed Morgan Corinthos and says Sonny Corinthos is to blame.

Anna gets an offer and Hayden considers one

Anna says she is also to blame because she knew Sonny would go after Julian. Robert Scorpio calls Anna with a job offer to go back to the WSB. Anna talks to Andre Maddox about the WSB job but says it’s out of the country.

Andre offers advice and Anna calls Robert with a counter offer.

Tracy Quartermaine talks to Dr. Hamilton Finn about GH being for sale. He’s in bad shape. Hayden Barnes is worried about him experimenting on himself but he has no choice. Hayden meets her blind date Evan whose dad is wealthy and gives out medical grants.

Evan makes it clear if Hayden will sleep with him, he’ll get her the medical grant. Hayden throws a drink in his face but when she sees Finn sitting with Tracy in a violent coughing fit, she gives in and agrees to discuss swapping what Evan wants for what Finn needs.

Franco gets a confession

Franco Baldwin tells Elizabeth Webber he can get answers to the two unsolved crimes (the attacks on Bobbie Spencer and Lucas Spencer) so GH will reopen and she won’t have to move. Franco goes to see his mom Heather Webber.

Franco says he knows she attacked Bobbie and Lucas. Heather admits it and says she knew Franco had a very public alibi because he was at the Holiday Gala and did it for him.

He wants her to confess but she won’t since she thinks it’s all about Elizabeth – Franco walks out on her while she yells.

Later, Franco overhears Elizabeth admitting to Laura Spencer that she cares about him and she almost makes a love confession but Laura’s phone rings. Franco shows Liz that he recorded a confession from Heather and thinks he can get GH back open.

Also, Laura told Elizabeth that she’s selling Wyndemere because of bad memories and says it will benefit Spencer Cassadine’s legacy trust.

Laura says that means Hayden will be homeless and Elizabeth says her sister deserves it for being the most selfish person she knows.

Paternity test shocker

Claudette Beaulieu interrupts Nathan West and Maxie Jones and asks them to babysit Charlotte West and leaves. Maxie doesn’t like it but plays nice. Their dinner burned so they order pizza. The paternity test results arrive by courier while they’re eating.

Nathan is upset at Maxie over ordering the test and crumples it up. Maxie reads it anyway and tells him she’s sorry but he’s not Charlotte’s dad. Claudette used her free evening to try and seduce Griffin.

She told him she plans to give custody of Charlotte to Nathan and Maxie.

Griffin says all they ever had was lies and she says it’s all out in the open and they can start over. He plays the priest card. Claudette dismisses that and says he gave up his vows. She works on him and Claudette and Griffin start kissing passionately.

That's it for this “General Hospital” recap. GH airs weekdays on CBS.

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