Here’s the “General Hospital” recap for the GH Monday October 17 episode.Julian Jerome shows up with a fruit basket to the home of Sonny Corinthos and offers condolences on the loss of his son. Sonny scoffs. Julian says Morgan Corinthos was a good kid. Sonny asks what he wants.

Jason tries to talk sense to Carly.

Carly Corinthos sits crying over Morgan whenJason Morgan shows up to comfort her.He asks who told Josslyn Jacks that Sonny was responsible and she says Kristina Corinthos.Jason tells Carlyover and over again to go home and says Sonny called off the hit. Jason keeps working on her but she screams “Sonny killed my son.”

Carly says Sonny won’t change and she should know better.

Sheblames herself for not protecting Morgan. Carly tells Jason to go home and be with Sam Morgan whileJason promises to investigate the bombing thatCarly says won’t bring back Morgan. Jason hopes for closure by finding answers for all of them. Jason gets upset and Carly comforts him.

Sonny vs Julian

Carly calls Nelle Hayes who says she's watchingAvery Jerome Corinthosat Sonny’s place. Nelle eavesdrops on Sonny and Julian arguing. Julian says they know the bomb that killed Morgan was meant for him. He offers peace but Sonny pushes back.Julian promises that he will reveal all the names of Sonny's loved ones if he should come after him.

Nelle listens closely. Sonny lists off Julian’s sins, calls him a liar and kicks him out after making a death threat.Sonny throws the fruit basket out the door and Nelle steps out of hiding to speak to Sonny.

Nelle offers to stay and watch Avery and brings tea to Sonny later. He's upset and asks to be left alone. This is another sad episode of "General Hospital."

Can GH be saved?

Tracy Quartermaine verbally assaults Lucy Coe over the proposed GH sale. Lucy blames Paul Hornsby for the hospital closing. They argue and thenLucyasks why doesn't Tracy buy the hospital.Tracy tells Lucy that she has to get to ELQ since Michael Corinthos is out because of his brother’s death.

Lucy says the buyer will make a move soon and pressures Tracy again to buy GH.

Franco Baldwin is missing Elizabeth Webber. She shows up and with treatsand thanks him for staying by her side.Elizabeth says she needs to get back to work as a nurse.They head to the MetroCourt and see Tracywho says "GH" can’t reopen because Paul had an alibi for the attacks on Bobbie and Lucas Spencer.Elizabeth says she may leave town to workbutFrancohas an idea forhow to sort things out.

Curtis investigates the bombing

Curtis Ashford asks TJ Ashford about the night of Morgan’s death and wantsdetails.TJ says he heard Sonny planted the bomb and Curtis asks if Jordan Ashford told him that. TJ asks if Curtis isinvestigating butCurtis says he can’t discuss it. TJ guesses who he’s working for. TJ assumes Sonny hired Curtis.

Curtis and TJmake plans to go out together. Julianfinds Curtis for an update. He says he’s starting with TJ. Julian says the truth will take Sonny down.Curtis asks Julian what he has planned. Julian says he's going to rebuild his life and make sure Sonny goes to jail.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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