A new “General Hospital” Halloween spoiler video shows a few true “General Hospital” spoilers for GH watchers but most of it is more tricks than treats given how cleverly ABC edited this promo. Here is an inside scoop of what the video does and doesn’t mean for upcoming episodes.

Heavily edited video – little new footage

It’s nice to have a new promo from “General Hospital” but it’s frustrating when GH deliberately misleads fans with clever editing. In this case, there are sixscenes specifically included in the footage that are old and have already happened that are very misleading. We break those down below.

Video promo scenes designed to trick fans

#1 Paul Hornsby back out of nowhere!

Check the three second mark of the GH promo. Does the guy in the suit and skull mask look familiar? It should. That’s Paul Hornsby from a year ago. He had on the mask, suit and tie when he showed up to schmooze Anna Devane and Emme Drake on Halloween 2015. Wow. Vintage footage…

#2 Franco at the door

That footage of Franco Baldwin answering the door at Elizabeth Webber’s home (six second mark) is from September 23 when she was recuperating and Jason Morgan dropped by the house and wasn’t happy to see him there. This is recently recycled footage presented as a new GH spoiler.

#3 Alexis and Julian

This promo would have you believe that Julian Jerome is hanging with Alexis Davis on Halloween drinking wine and maybe Netflix and chillin.'This is not the case.

The Alexis in her bathrobe (see six second mark) scene is from a month ago when she threatened to whack Julian with a wine bottle.

#4 Laura at Wyndemere

At the seven second mark, you see Laura Spencer opening the door of Wyndemere looking surprised. GH watchers should be surprised instead since this was from two months ago when Robert Scorpio knocked on her door with a message from Luke Spencer.

#5 Hayden and Ham Finn

GH is treading heavily on fans’ love of Hayden Barnes and Hamilton Finn, but the footage at the 11 second mark in this brand-new promo is weeks old. Hayden and Finn with the flashlight is them sneaking into GH a couple of weeks ago to steal lab equipment. That was when they heard GH was for sale.

#6 Attic at Wyndemere

Hay-Finn are edited into a shot of the Wyndemere attic which looks creepy and suspenseful until you hit the 13 second mark where they have blurred Laura and Lulu so you don’t notice that’s a scene from March when mom and daughter went looking for answers about the key Helene left to Laura.

What footage is new and a true GH spoiler?

Alexis opening the door to little Danny in his dog costume is a legit “General Hospital” spoiler. Franco Baldwin miming for Kiki Jerome is new as is Dillon Quartermaine as Elvis. Also new is Kevin Collins whipping off his lion mask at Wyndemere.The Lulu Falconeri and Nathan West shock faces could be new or recycled – either way they reveal nothing informative.

What is new is Laura and Kevin’s stunned faces when Laura says this “can’t be happening” and we can only hope she means Valentin is in the house.Olivia screaming could be from next week or last year, it’s hard to tell. Unfortunately, this “General Hospital” Halloween 2016 video promo shows more editing of the past than action to come. Thankfully, "GH" spoilers tell us Valentin is back and that’s enough for now.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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