General Hospital” spoilers for Halloween 2016 already told us that Franco Baldwin and Jason Morgan have a tense encounter and now we know a bit more about the spooky events of that night thanks to some new GH photos released from ABC.

Franco is a mime!

For someone as talkative as Franco it’s pretty funny that GH wardrobe put him in a mime outfit for GH Halloween 2016. Maybe that is what makes Jason mad. Will Franco build an invisible mime wall around former hit man Jason?We can expect Franco to make the most of his nonverbal costume and he’s sure to play it up.

The “General Hospital” photos also show Kiki Jerome in her costume and she’s got on a skeletal bustier and a tiny shiny hat perched on her blond tresses.

Kiki partying after Morgan’s death?

Many GH viewers might think it’s too soon for Kiki to be partying after her boyfriend Morgan Corinthos died but no worries, Kiki is at work she’s not out partying. With Franco kitted out as a mime, what costume will Elizabeth Webber be wearing?Will they do a couples costume of lady and man mimes? Will she do something more whimsical but that complements Franco’s French mime outfit like a Harlequin?

What about Elizabeth’s kids? Will we get to see their costumes?

Sonny is unhappy atHalloween party

Just a couple of “General Hospital” spoilers have been released for the Halloween show on Monday October 31 and one of them is that Sonny Corinthos is extremely annoyed at one of the party goers. It is just a couple of weeks between Morgan’s death and the party, so it’s surprising Sonny is there at all.

Will it be Julian Jerome that gets under Sonny’s skin? It seems like Julian should be running scared of Sonny right now after the bomb in his car but he’s continually provoking him instead. Wonder what costume Julian will be in and if Alexis Davis comes to the big MetroCourt event?

Will Sam Morgan show up with a cute costume that shows off her baby bump? Will aspiring troublemaker Nelle Hayes make an appearance?

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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