Fox News has gone from the number one cable news channel to the most controversial news channel this year as the on-air and off-air antics of their employees have become quite disturbing. The latest backlash is aimed at Jesse Watters for a segment he did on Bill O'Reilly's show that entailed him visiting Chinatown. This "Watters World" segment managed to rattle many, including the Mayor of New York. 

Fox still licking wounds

Fox News is still feeling the residual effects of the sexual harassment suits brought against them because of the behaviors of former CEO Bill Ailes. They still have Andrea Tantaros sitting with her lawsuit, which has not been settled yet.


She named Fox's top personality, Bill O'Reilly, as a predator, along with former Senator Scott Brown, who is a contributor to Fox News.

NYC Mayor finds Watters disgraceful

While talk about these past scandals has quieted down, it has not fully gone away, so Fox is still licking their wounds over this. Now Watters has managed to peeve off many folks with his antics, iincluding New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Mayor doesn't think Watters should be allowed on the air and from the looks of his tweet below, he may not want him in NYC at all! This backlash started almost immediately after Watters segment aired. He does a spin on the "man on the street" type questions.


People look ignorant!

Watters intentionally tries to stump folks and make them look stupid, which is basically what he's been accused of over and over again. He has previously gotten plenty of backlash for the bikini-clad women he approached while doing his segment a few times from the beach this summer.

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His Chinatown segment had folks fuming and they took to Twitter to say just how angry they were about this line of questioning. People were furious as racial tensions are abundant in the country today and Jesse was just adding to this.

Watters ill-fated questions

In Chinatown Watters approached people asking them questions that were based in stereotypes.

He asked if they could name a product that is "not made in China" and if the participants know how to do "karate." He also asked the people he approached  if "China will take care of North Korea" for the United States. As US News reminds their readers, karate is a martial art that originated in Japan, but apparently Watters thought it was a Chinese martial art!

After Watters posted this segment online, his Facebook account was saturated with comments about his insensitivity to Asian-Americans.


One of the people he had on camera during that segment went to his Facebook to say that Watters tried to make him look ignorant. As this backlash continued Watters posted what was close, but not quite an apology on Twitter, as seen below:

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