5 hot General Hospitalspoilers for Wednesday October 19 include action for Ava and Sonny, Nelle and Sonny, Maxie and Claudette, Claudette and Griffin, Hayden and Finn, Tracy and Finn, and some explosive action that will carry over into the Thursday episode.

#1 Ava and Sonny boil over

Ava Jerome drinks and thinks on today’s show then decides there’s still a chance she might be busted for replacing Morgan’s lithium with baby aspirin (or whatever she used).

Ava gambles and decides it’s worth the risk to go to Sonny’s house and poke around.

Ava will run into Sonny and they have a very unpleasant encounter. He hates her more than ever.

#2 Nelle busts Ava!

After Ava and Sonny go toe to toe, Ava will ask to see Avery Corinthos as an excuse to get into the upstairs of Sonny’s house. Sonny is too angry and out of it, he consents.

Like before, Ava heads to Morgan’s bedroom instead of her daughter’s and starts rifling the bedroom looking for the pill bottle and that’s when Nelle Hayes catches her red-handed.

#3 Claudette is shut down

Claudette Beaulieu managed to rope former-Father Griffin Munro into a steamy kiss in the gym (and we fans thank her for keeping him sweaty and shirtless) but then Claudette goes too far.

She suggests they ditch Port Charles and her kid Charlotte West and run off to play naughty priest and Catholic school girl for good. Griffin will get a grip on his libido and say hells nah.

#3 Finn gives in to jealous rage!

Dr. Hamilton Finn loves his lizard Roxy, but he might love Hayden Barnes more so when he sees her throw a drink in her slimy blind date’s face and then leave with him, he’s shocked.

Tracy Quartermaine sees the jealousy all over finicky Finn but tells him to leave Hayden alone. Finn won’t be able to stand it and in 3, 2, 1 he lets his jealous tantrum force him into action.

#4 Maxie in danger

Maxie Jones is triumphant in her righty rightness over the paternity test but now she and Nathan West are stuck with the kid for the night and the truth is burning a hole in her proverbial pocket.

Maxie runs over to the MetroCourt looking for Claudette for a confrontation and find herself in over her head when someone mistakes one blond for the other and grabs her thinking she’s crafty Claudy.

#5 Hayden pushes Finn’s buttons

Hayden and her blind date Evan swill from the mini bar while Hayden works up a plan to get the medical research grant moolah out of Evan without having to play naked Twister with the guy.

Expect Finn to stage an interesting intervention to stop the sexy stuff. Hayden challenges Finn to tell her that he’s into her but will the dying doc finally admit to hearting Hayden?

Tune in to ABC today to see these General Hospitalspoilers play out on the Wednesday October 19 GH.

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