“Fear The Walking Dead”surprised fans with a riveting two-hour finale last night, which was both horrifying and quite stunning. The show has never had trouble killing off a character in the past, but the character that died last night was a character that had been around since the first episode. That character's death resulted in three more people being murdered and the Clark-Manawa family being forced to leave the hotel that had become their new home this season.

Torn apart.

Over the course of this season, the Clark-Manawa family split up. Chris Manawa (played by Lorenzo James Henrie) became a dark person at the beginning of the season and attempted to hurt his stepsister Alicia (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey).

He exiled himself from the group and his father Travis Manawa (played by Cliff Curtis) followed him, so he could help his son get better. Meanwhile, Madison Clark (played by Kim Dickens) took her daughter and Victor Strand (played by Colman Domingo) to a hotel in Mexico near the border with the United States.

We have ice

Madison, Strand, and Alicia met a slew of survivors at the hotel and quickly made the luxurious resort into their own fortress. Led by Madison, her group fixed the power and fortified the hotel, while also brokering deals with rival settlements.

Travis and Chris's big day out

Travis and Chris met a group of rowdy male American tourists that seemed content to mow down anyone in their way of getting home to America.

Chris allowed his darker side to take hold in a genuine act of teenage rebellion and he ditched his father in favor of traveling with the tourists.

A bloody reunion

After leaving Chris, Travis is distraught and begins to wander aimlessly until he sees a hotel sign light up at night. He travels to the hotel and finds Madison, while explaining everything that happened to him.

Shortly after his arrival, the two American tourists that Travis had left Chris with show up at the compound without Chris in tow. Madison talks to the tourists and tries to pacify the situation, but Travis hastily finds out about the tourists arriving. He interrogates both men and discovers that the tourists senselessly killed Chris after a bad truck accident.

Travis snaps and beat both men to death, along with assaulting a third man who tries to stop him. The group of survivors that Madison and Alicia had built start to demand for Travis to be killed, which causes both ladies to fight for their family. Alicia even stabs a man to protect Travis, which provokes Strand to escort the Manawa-Clark family to a vehicle, so the family can leave before a violent mob of angry survivors can reach them for vengeance.

Run, Nick! Run!

The finale ended with the Manawa-Clark family on the run and looking for Madison's son Nick (played by Frank Dillane). Nick spent most of the season away from the family, while building up his reputation in a new settlement called Colonia.

However, the finale saw the residents of Colonia forced to leave due to an impending attack from the Mexican cartel. Nick led the Colonia residents to the border to chase after a helicopter he had seen. Yet, he does not find safety, but instead discovers a group of men with assault rifles who start gunning down the Colonia survivors. Nick was taken alive, but this new group is still a mystery waiting to be explored in season three.

How Ofelia lost her groove

Ofelia Salazar (played by Mercedes Mason) made an appearance as well, after disappearing for most of season two. She had crossed the Mexican-United States border and a man fired at her. The man (played by Dayton Callie) seemingly captured Ofelia, which leaves the viewers wondering what her fate might be.

Will she reunite next season with the family and Nick at this new settlement? Are these people what is left of the military? We will find out in season three of “Fear The Walking Dead!”

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