News recently came out that a big fight went down between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood during the filming of the "Teen Mom OG" reunion show. Now Farrah's dad is speaking out and sharing his side of the story. Of course, he feels like Farrah didn't do anything wrong and it was all Amber's fault.

What did Michael Abraham say really went down?

He is now sharing that the fight was because ofAmber Portwood and Matt Baier. Farrah did bring Simon Saran to the show with her, and they were on the stage with Dr.

Drew when it all went down according to her dad. He shared that Farrah made some comment about "he looks like a pedophile." Her dad says she wasn't saying that Matt looks like one, but was talking to Simon about how he was going to apologize for the comment he made on a social network. After this, the fight started and went crazy.

Farrah's dad shared that Amber started going off on Farrah and then he saw Amber's hand touch his daughter's face. After that, Farrah's dad got into the middle of them and broke them up.

He was not okay with the fight at this point. Farrah told Radar Online that Amber never hit her, but her dad says that he started calling Amber names to keep her from putting her hands on Farrah again.

Amber Portwood says that Michael Abraham tried to choke Matt, but Michael says that this isn't true at all either. Michael says it got pretty bad and he was thrown into the audience. In the process, he broke his hearing aid and got injured.

He said he suffered from bruises, scrapes, burns and an injury to his back. Michael did say that security did a great job, though.

Michael is upset with Amber, but he says that this is not the Amber that he knows at all. He even went as far as to say that he wasn't sure if she just didn't take her meds or what was going on with her. He feels like before this they have always had a good relationship.

It doesn't look like Amber and Farrah are getting along at all now.

Who do you think was wrong in the fight between Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham? Are you excited to see it all go down on the "Teen Mom OG" reunion? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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