Well, Farrah Abraham managed to ruin the "Teen Mom OG" reunion if her dad is to be believed. She picked a fight and p-o'd Amber Portwood who came out swinging. Then Maci Bookout got into it and "threatened to kill" her co-star. Like a good dad, Michael Abraham says he stepped in to break up the fight. Portwood, Bookout and Lowell marched off the stage in protest of Abraham. So much for reality TVhappy reunions.

Farrah Abraham called Matt Baier a what?

Abraham, who is known to be quite a piece of work (and maybe a porn star) said Amber Portwood's new boyfriend Matt Baier looked like a pedophile. This was not well-received by fellow cast mates.

Portwood, if Farrah's pop Michael Abraham is to believed, took aim at the name-caller in defense of her fiance. She evidently missed but Mr. Abraham says when he saw her go for his kid's face he got involved. But he took on more "Teen Mom"than he expected when Bookout jumped in the fray.

Farrah Abraham starts a war?

As far as anyone knows, this could all be just speculation. Portwood obliquely says people shouldn't jump to conclusions because most all of what's printed about the reality TV show isn't so. Amber can't explain further, being contractually bound to keep mum and not leak details in advance of show airings. But she did hint on social media that things aren't always as they seem and folks should maybe just use their own good judgement.

Maci Bookout, Amber and Caitlyn Lowell did do a flounce and bounce but came back on stage later.

Like father Abraham, like Farrah Abraham?

So make your own conclusions--does Abraham seem like the type who would trash talk and call names? Would Amber Portwood physically assault someone? Michael Abraham says he for one was prepared to play nice in the sandbox.

He approached Maci's boyfriend Taylor McKinney to congratulate the pair on their son Maverick and upcoming marriage. But when he saw people go for his daughter, he stepped in. Amber says he did more than politely break it up--he called her a "bit*ch" and then Baier got into it.

Farrah Abraham and 'Teen Mom' plastic surgery

Amber Portwood decided to join her show sister Farrah, the famous plastic surgerydiva. Abraham had a disastrous affair with some lip implants that didn't go as planned but no one seems to have learned from that. Recently, Portwood showed off a boob job, eyebrows, tummy tuck and more "mommy makeover" tweaks. When she got flak, Amber told everyone to STFU about her surgically enhanced assets.

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