Fans of “Teen Mom OG” won't be seeing the next reunion special for a little while yet, but taping of the upcoming special took place over the weekend and things got quite wild. Reports indicate that a physical confrontation broke out and everybody will be curious to see how much of this ends up airing on MTV down the road. What's the scoop?

Which cast members were involved in the altercation?

As E! Online notes, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham were the “Teen Mom OG” cast members who got into a physical fight during the reunion show taping over the weekend. The Real Mr. Housewife blog shared that things blew up when Dr.

Drew brought up some of the things that Farrah's boyfriend Simon Saran has said about Amber's fiance Matt Baier.

Saran previously insinuated that Baier was a pedophile, and while Simon seemed to be working toward apologizing for this, Farrah apparently said that Matt does seem to have that kind of look. Amber reportedly stormed onto the stage and started screaming at her co-star, and then Abraham's father Michael got between the two women and started calling Portwood names. Matt also got involved, separating his fiancee and Michael.

Castmates were threatening one another and security intervened

That wasn't the end of the “Teen Mom OG” drama, however. Amber reportedly tried to punch Farrah, after Abraham egged her on to try, and some sort of physical incident happened between Michael and Matt.

Maci Bookout was screaming threats at Farrah from off-stage as this all played out, and show fans know that there is no love lost between those two cast members. It seems that Michael insists that he was defending himself against Matt when things got physical, and those who were at the taping have described it as being crazy.

Security eventually got things under control again, with Portwood and Baier being removed from the stage. Several of those involved have blasted one another via Twitter since the taping, and fans will be quite curious to see how much of this is included when the reunion airs on MTV. It sounds as if there weren't necessarily any winners in this battle, with everybody looking dramatic and crazy.

Do you think that Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran should have avoided questions about Matt Baier from Dr. Drew, and should Amber Portwood have stayed quiet when things did get insulting? Stay tuned for additional details on when this wild “Teen Mom OG” reunion episode will air to see how much of the physical confrontation will play out on MTV.

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