If you live in Orlando or plan to visit the theme parks here, make sure to include seeing the Blue Man Group show sometime this year. This group of men provides a comedy show, along with a rock concert and dance party in one exciting show. Their shows are part of the Universal Orlando Resort events. It’s best to plan your itinerary and purchase your tickets in advance.

What is the Blue Man Group?

This performance company with their bright blue makeup faces and body parts began in 1991. They started in New York City and have ongoing theater productions in Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Orlando and even Berlin, Germany.

Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, all friends, started this group with entry-level shows at downtown clubs, eventually having a gig at the Astor Place Theatre. From here they caught the eye of the US media and expanded to where they are today. They are celebrating 25 years since production started.

How does the Blue Man Group entertain audiences?

This group of three men uses numerous themes in their silly humor acts, such as topics of human sight, plumbing, fractals, DNA, and the Internet. They don’t speak but acknowledge the audience with body signs. Their show incorporates a rock band, drums, laser beams, and strobe lights. Up above them is a large screen with plenty of visuals. They do some crazy activities that are sure to have you laughing out loud.

You never know what to expect next – it could be catching marshmallows in their mouths to rolling toilet paper around their torsos. Their show is approximately one hour and forty-five minutes without intermission.

It’s a show for all ages including children, although some theaters have restrictions for children under the age of three.

The show is loud, so if your children are sensitive to noise, wearing noise avoidance headgear may be appropriate. Strobe lights may also affect children and even adults. Some people have seizures with strobe lights so this should be taken into consideration.

How does the Blue Man Group turn blue?

It takes these men about an hour to get into costume and apply their makeup.

They wear grease paint on their heads, faces and hands. It doesn’t truly dry leaving that gooey look throughout the show. Be prepared to get a little messy if you buy seats up front. They call this the poncho section. It is usually the first four sections of the theater and you are provided with a plastic poncho to wear. Many people in the section are asked to participate with the group, which is hands-on and super fun. All materials in the show are washable, so it’s best to wear clothing that can go into the washing machine versus ones that need dry cleaning.

The Blue Man Group in Orlando

The Blue Man Group’s theatre is located in Universal CityWalk. This venue is between the main entrance to Universal Studios in Orlandoand the Hard Rock Café.

There are different ticket prices according to whether you want to just watch the show or want to dine first. There are also VIP Group Experiences where you get to participate in a behind-the-scenes tour of the theatre and get to play with one of the group’s instruments. Along with the tour you get the best seats in the venue along with a snack of popcorn and soda and a souvenir. The best part of this experience is the ability to attend a private meet-and-greet with the Blue Man gang.

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