The character of Rowena has become hugely popular on the CW hit show, and between filming and conventions, Ruth certainly has a full life. This Scotland born beauty started out as a dancer, found her way to the stage, and then eventually into the hearts of "Supernatural" fans worldwide. Heads up everyone: We will get to see the return of Rowena in this week's episode which airs this week Oct. 20, 2016.

Colleen Bement: Tell us how has playing this epic role has changed your life.

Ruth Connell: It's beentwo years and whilst I continue to be consciously grateful for "Supernatural," it's also nice that it feels like "this is kinda what I do now", you know?

Between the show and the conventions and the fan interaction online, "Supernatural" has taken over my brain! I spend a lot of time now with cast, production and crew members and I hope many will be friends for life. Either way, I'm sure we have spent what will be some of the times you look back on in life thinking; "those were the days". Also, Rowena's Coven Couture launched today online!It benefits the charity "My Hope Chest." I keep pinching myself. Our fandom has to be the greatest in the world.

If you'd told me this two years ago I would have thought you were nuts!

Conventions have been life-changing

CB: "Supernatural" cons are simply amazing experiences for fans. What is it like for you to attend a convention?

RC: It's usually fairly tiring *sighs* as we force each other to drink whiskey after the Saturday Night Special and stay up late with jet lag. But it's always 100% rewarding! I am a little bit of an introvert so it's definitely something I prepare for.

At the same time it's helped with my fear of public speaking, and then I get so much love given to me - it is hard to leave! We are so lucky with the people who are involved behind the scenes at the shows as well. It's truly been one of the most surprising and life-enhancing things I've ever been involved in.

She filmed in Sylvester Stallone's old house

CB: What can you share about the role in your new film "For the Love of George?" It looks like a fabulous film.

RC: I have a cute role in what I believe to be a genuinely entertaining script. I'm proud of my friend Nadia Jordan who has produced, written and acted in it. I have been alongside the project for a long time so was disappointed I didn't get to film due to shooting SPN conflicts; then delighted when she created something for me later which we shot in some pick-up days! We filmed in Sylvester Stallone's old house. It was a pretty nice house! I'm also proud of another friend's film "Hara Kiri" that I'm in (playing another terrible mother!). Henry Alberto has done an amazing job with it and we just premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival to great reviews.

It has a general release soon in LA which is an amazing achievement for him and his partner Riley Hinrichs.

Staying beautiful

CB: From one woman to another, what is your beauty secret? Seriously, how do you do it?

RC: Smoke and mirrors.

CB: When you're not filming, what are you doing in your spare time? Do you still find some time to dance when you can?

RC: Spare time is an unusual concept.

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