Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is perhaps best known as the host of the Food Network reality show "Restaurant: Impossible," but his passion for helping everyday people live better, healthier lives is evident in numerous facets of his life and career. Blasting News connected exclusively with the fitness guru on Oct. 17 to chat about his Walmart-exclusive line of Signature Sidekicks, why he made the jump from reality show to talk show, and whether or not he'd consider competing during a future season of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."

Health, happiness, and productivity

For Robert Irvine, a long-time military man who continues to support the armed forces via his travels and his Pentagon-based restaurant FRESH Kitchen, food and happiness share an inextricable connection.

"Healthy eating and food go hand in hand with a happy lifestyle," he reflected. "When we eat well, we make better decisions. When we sleep well, we make better decisions. And they're all combined: health, sleep, and exercise makes a better human being."

Irvine hoped to help busy families to eat healthier meals and spend more time together using Sidekicks, his line of restaurant-quality side dishes that feature fresh ingredients and can be prepared in 10 minutes or less. Available exclusively at Walmart stores in the produce section, Sidekicks are easy to make using a single pan, but full prep demo videos are available via RobertIrvineFoods.com/sidekicks. "I really want to get people cooking together, sitting together, eating together because that's what family and food is all about," he said.

Consumers can share video clips of themselves enjoying "amazing bonding time" over a Sidekick dish to social media using the hashtag #sidekicks.

'Restaurant: Impossible' versus 'The Robert Irvine Show'

In addition to Sidekicks, Irvine also compared and contrasted his experiences with two of his television shows, "Restaurant: Impossible" and his newly launched CW Network talk fest, "The Robert Irvine Show." After sharing that the most challenging part of the Foot Network reality show is getting "people to trust and to understand in a very short period of time that you're there to help them," he called his talk show "an extension" of the former.

"It's in the continuing vein of helping people.... Just take the restaurant out of it." He did, however, draw an important distinction between the two by noting that his talk show features "lots more follow-up" than "Restaurant: Impossible," which is warranted, given the "intense" and deeply personal stories told by guests.

'DWTS' in Robert Irvine's future?

Although he's a fitness pro, Irvine had less than flattering things to say about his ability to cut a rug with grace. When asked if he'd consider being a celebrity contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," he mulled the question for a few moments before quipping "yes, if you've got a tank for me to dance with, because I've got three left feet and I go round in circles." If he were to join up, he wouldn't be the first Food Network face to take a spin around the storied ballroom: both "Iron Chef America" notable Mark Dacascos and prolific cookbook author and southern cooking specialist Paula Deen are "DWTS" alums.

For more information on Robert Irvine, check out his website.

"The Robert Irvine Show" airs weekdays on The CW, while ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" airs Monday nights at 8 PM Eastern/Pacific.

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