Many know of Sara Ramirez for her role as Dr. Callie Torres in ABC's hit TV Show "Grey's Anatomy."In the show, she played a character who identified as bisexual. But now, she's come out as bisexual herself during her powerful LGBT speech at the True Colors: 40 to None Summit which is a two-day conversation that talks about youth homelessness across the US among the LGBT community.

Mostly private Sara Ramirez gets intimate during her LGBT speech

Sara Ramirez usually keeps her life pretty private but during her speech, she decided to dip into her privacy a little bit and open up. She talked about her own struggles in her life which included being a woman, aside from a woman of color, a Mexican-Irish immigrant, queer, and lastly, bisexual.

She opened up about how she was raised with her family being heavily rooted in Catholicism on both of her Mexican and Irish sides. Which causes her to be deeply invested in projects that allow the LGBT youths' voices to be heard as well as supporting them in owning themselves.

She talked about how homelessnessis a problem amongst the LGBT youth community. Whether it be they were kicked out for their sexuality, gender identity, etc.

Sara reveals that she would receive hate mail for playing the role of a bisexual in 'Grey's Anatomy'

Aside from Sara being recognized and loved for her own character that appeared on Seasons 2-12 of "Grey's Anatomy", she was also admired for her longtime, on-screen relationship with Arizona Robbins, who is played by actress Jessica Capshaw.

But unfortunately, this relationship also brought in hate from viewers who didn't approve of the lesbian relationship. Some viewers were angry at the fact that Sara was playing an openly bisexual character on TV and alongside that, was openly supporting LGBT rights. But most importantly, it should be recognized that her character actually helped thousands of young people in the LGBT community come to terms with their sexuality and learn to accept it, and own it!

Before now, Ramirez has never openly spoken about her sexuality. She has been married to Ryan DeBolt since 2011, but because of her bisexual character in "Grey's Anatomy," it has come into question from time to time. And now, LGBT fans can relish in the fact that they not only can relate to her on-screen role, but they can relate to Sara herself.

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