Eva Longoria (41) was at "The Wendy Williams Show" where she talked about her love life.. There, the "Desperate Housewives" star revealed that she fell in love with her husband, the Mexican media mogul José Bastón (48), the second time she saw him. Williams asked her where women can meet a billionaire man and Longoria replied, in her case, she met bastón through mutual friends. The first time she saw him she thought he was very handsome, she nicknamed him 'Mr Fancy Pants' because he dressed well.


The actress and the media mogul were married on May 21 this year in Mexico, the wedding was attended by only 80 guests and Ricky Martin sang 'La vida Loca'. Since they are married are happier than ever, they have been together for four years but the actress feels that she has known him fora lifetime. Longoria is now the stepmother of four children of her husband so she does not planto become pregnant because she prefers to enjoy their marriage.

Future plans

During the interview the artistdeniedthe possibility that "Desperate Housewives" return to television, something she regrets because she misses her character Gabrielle Solis, who gave her big money and worldwide fame.

She also would like to be as thin as she was at that time, because now she gained weight and people ask her if she is pregnant and she has to sayno.She feels relaxed and not worried about her body as much as before, anyway she eats healthy as ever.

Longoria has a big challenge ahead: she will star in the movie "All-Star Weekend," where the actor and Oscar winnerJamie Foxx makes his directorial debut.

The actress will continue her television projects as executive producer of reality shows. "The Sentinel" star strongly supports Hillary Clinton for president, in the case of Donald Trump became the next president, she has decided to move to Mexico with her husband. She prefers to live quietly in another country where she can work in peace, which it is something that would not happen if Trump is elected president.

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