Erika Girardi is confirmed as the fifth official full-time cast member of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 7. Bravo revealed the news on Monday after teasing fans late last week over who's going to appear on the show. Fans of Erika will be pleased to learn that the blonde with serious moxie is making a return!

Star's second season

This will be Girardi's second season on "RHOBH." She entered the scene last year on the show as the wife of rich attorney, Tom Girardi, and as an accomplished entertainer in her own right.

In one of her taglines, she expressed that she's Erika Girardi by day and Erika Jayne by night.

The star tweeted an image below that was released by Bravo.

Bravo has revealed that five of the six cast members are Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, and Erika. Only one more cast member is yet to be revealed and that could be Dorit Kemsley or Eden Sassoon. Rumors have sparked that Dorit will be the sixth full-time cast member to be revealed on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast.

Divided cast dynamics

Camille Grammer and Kim Richards will also be on the show as friends of the cast. Issues surrounding Kim's sobriety will be in question, a recurring theme on the show. The Real Mr. Housewife posted spoilers indicating that there will be two sides feuding in season 7. One side will consist of Vanderpump, the Richards sisters versus Rinna, Davidson, and Sassoon. Erika Girardi will be neutral since she'll be busy "doing her own thing" most of the time.

Kim's sobriety will be centric to the divided theme playing out this coming "RHOBH" season. Since Rinna understands what it's like being on that end of things concerning Kim, she'll be a good one for Sassoon to pair up with.

The premiere date hasn't been officially released, but Kyle retweeted a message announcing that "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 7 will begin on Tuesday, December 6.

It's unclear if that's the actual date, but nothing from Bravo has been confirmed. Once the final cast member is unveiled, fans should learn when the show will premiere.

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