It has been a long wait that has been filled with a lot of speculation on what will or should happen in season 3. It is finally here with us but there are still a lot of questions that linger in our minds following season 2's cliffhanger. Though there are several other things that go on within the show, "Empire" is a family show and a family show it will remain in this season as the producers have promised. There are going to be more twists and turns revolving around relationships and the family business which has always been run by Lucious who is expected to fall out of the lead seat as a result of his health condition.

'Empire’ troubles continue

Seeing how influential and rich the "Empire" has made Lucious, there is definitely going to be a big succession battle. So far, almost all family members are eyeing the big seat. Everybody is trying to position themselves appropriately for the big job. In season 3, this is going to be the main feature of this series. As battle drums will sound within the "Empire" so will it be outside. There will be more troubles facing the family at large mostly lying within the social circles as everybody is facing their own relationship issues. The main enemy to the family, Tariq, is expected to grow his antics looking for more ways to hurt the family as a form of revenge for his father’s treatment in his childhood as he favored his half-brother Lucious.

He will not stop at getting Andre arrested and he is going to pull more strings to ensure that everybody associated with the "Empire" feels a pinch of his existence.

Relationships are meant to be made and broken sometimes

It is only in this series that you will find the most vicious social circles which sometimes can be very challenging.

Season 3 promises to bring the ups and downs of all kinds of relationships that can be found within one family. A lot of flashbacks have been promised on the relationship between Lucious and Cookie which of course is expected to be of the good old days. This will be an exact contrast to what is happening in their lives right now since they moved off course with Lucious’ marriage to Anika.

The social circle gets worse with Anika’s pregnancy which she owes to Hakeem who is in a relationship with Tiana. I wonder if it can get more complicated than this, but again, this is the "Empire" where things can get twisted until they can withstand the pressure no more. Lucious and Cookie don’t want to get out of each other’s lives completely. Although Cookie seems to be doing well with Angelo, her path seems to be crisscrossing with Lucious. Whether this may lead to them getting back together or if they will act as friends forever is for season 3 to decide. What we know is that things may turn upside down for this family especially with their social ties but only the producers know better.

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