"Empire" Season 3 spoilers have been few and far between. However, one thing has been clear; Lucious isn't going to give up Cookie without a fight. In this week's episode, Lucious, played by Terence Howard, will become increasingly jealous as he watches Cookie, portrayed by Taraji P. Henson, grow closer and closer to her new love interest, Angelo, played by Taye Diggs. Fans of the show know that when Lucious wants something, he goes after it, and usually finds a way to get it in the end. This could mean that he's planning to sabotage Cookie and Angelo's relationship, which could prove to be heartbreaking for Cookie.

Cookie and Lucious' volatile relationship

During "Empire" Season 3, Cookie has made it very clear to her ex-husband that she wants nothing to do with him romantically. After Lucious decided to marry Anika in order to prevent her from testifying against him in the Season 2 finale, Cookie has been hurt. Cookie has been trying to focus on her career while trying to shut Lucious out. However, the Lyon family patriarch won't take no for an answer. Lucious has continued to court Cookie with lavish gifts such as jewelry, clothing, and other expensive items like purses. He even gifted her a gun, which is the only thing she kept out of the lot. Lucious has also been trying to remind Cookie of their past together, including how they met and fell in love as teenagers.

Will Angelo get in the way of a Lyon family reunion?

Meanwhile, "Empire" fans are starting to grow fond of Angelo, and are actually looking forward to his pairing with Cookie, if Lucious will leave them alone, that is. Lucious thinks of Cookie has him, and if another man is trying to take her away, there will likely be repercussions.

However, Lucious may not be able to strong arm Angelo, who is a politician and likely has connections of his own. Lucious is also under extreme surveillance from the federal government, namely his half-brother Tariq, and if he steps one foot out of place, the cops will likely arrest him very quickly.

"Empire" airs Wednesday nights on FOX.

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