The theme of the Season 3 Episode 4 of "Empire" on Wednesday, October 12 is "Cupid Kills." When most people think about Cupid, they think about love. In this week's episode of Fox's musical drama, love is in the air, as well as other issues surrounding the emotion of love.

'Cupid Kills'

Lucious Lyon sees Angelo as a rival. The two men are at odds with each other as things get cozy between Cookie and Angelo, played by Taye Diggs. Lucious intends to compete with him. What Cookie loves about Angelo is that he is the complete opposite of Lucious.

It is evident that Jamal is making progress on his way to recovery after spending time with Mariah Carey last week.

He is strong enough now to face Freda Gatz. That's a big step for Jamal who has been struggling with PTSD issues.

Also, during this particular episode, Anika returns to her job at the entertainment company and doesn't waste time causing trouble. Her return will open old wounds and bring more drama in the current episode. While Nessa has eyes for someone else, Hakeem has eyes for her. Now you see why this episode is called "Cupid Kills." The theme certainly does live up to its name within the Lyon family and the family business.

This third season

"Empire" has become extremely popular among men and women. Thisthird season thatpremiered on September 21, 2016, will not disappoint fans and viewers who tune in each week to see what is going on within the Lyon clan.

The hip hop music series will continue to have different Celebrities making guest appearances. This feature has become an interesting part of "Empire" which is unlike other television shows.

When people watch "Empire" during the third season, they will sometimes see flashbacks from previous seasons.

This is good for those who have missed some episodes from Seasons 1 and 2. Not only will viewers see flashbacks, but they will also see manytwists and turns. The advice for those who watch "Empire" this season is to be warned that what they think they are seeing might not be the real thing after all.

It just might be another twist in the story.

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