Tonight's episode of "Empire," which is titled,"Cupid Kills," opens up with things getting heated up nicely between Cookie and Angelo, something but that's not going to last long if Lucious has anything to say about it. No matter which way you look at it, Lucious always gets his way and despite not having Cookie as his own, it appears he doesn't care to share her with anyone else either.

Last week's episode of "Empire," which was titled, "What Remains is Bestial,"opened with Anika attempting to have a heart to heart with Lucious, who is sitting at his office desk when he puts her in her place more than once.

First he listens to her complain about how she feels like a prisoner and then he tells her that the one and only job she has is to be a mother to his granddaughter. Just then it looks as if Lucious is stricken with some type of illness and the grimace on his face has Anika ready to "call a doctor." The climax of this scene (pun intended) is when Anika's ex-assistant crawls out from under Lucious's desk.

Lucious really mixes business with pleasure.

This scene is quintessentialLucious Lyon who is a man who can really multi-task. In the background of this scene are TV screens showing a number counter, which he hopes will hit 1 million within a few days. This is the number of people he needs to sign onto his new music venue or the people funding him willscrap the entire business deal.

If this happens, he will lose 50 million dollars, which is what he told Anika before the woman emerged from between his legs. He is truly mixing "Empire" business with pleasure from his desk prompting a very disgusted Anika to storm out of the office.


Jamal is having a hard time with his PTSD after he was shot with a bullet met for his fatherLucious.

While he is making light of this to others, the guy is hurting. His first time at a PTSD group didn't go over very well because the other members of the group knew him as a celebrity.

When he was shot it made front page news, so Jamal opted not to talk about it and sit back and listen to others, which the group leader later told him that was a mistake.

He needs to talk about it for him and not the others, was what the man facilitating the group told him. It doesn't sound as if he will be going back to the group anytime soon.

Black Lives Matter

Much like other drama shows, "Empire" borrows scenes from the headlines of today and a "Black Lives Matter" scene played out with Andre, who is the eldest son of Lucious and Cookie, was tackled by the NYPD while moving boxes out of his house. The police later said they were investigating a rash of break-ins around the neighborhood, but Andre was pushed down and treated differently because he was black forthe purpose of this show.

This set Cookie and Lucious off in a tirade wanting to fight this in public, but Andre wanted to leave it alone.

He told his parents that there was nothing he was going to do about it because he has a high position in business and wasn't about to rock the boat. According to the website, Blue Lives Matter, "Empire" received a lot of praise for taking on this hot button issue.

Jamal back into recording music?

Cookie has set up a recording session for Jamalwith Kitty, played by Mariah Carey, hoping that Jamal hooking up with a mega star will help his PTSD. Lucious doesn't care about that, he sees a record with a mega star coming his way! This prompts Cookie to fly off the handle at Lucious for his inability to care about anything otherthan the almighty dollar!

In tonight's episode of "Empire," which is titled, "Cupid Kills," Lucious wades through Cookie by becoming more enamored withAngelo by the minute.

Anika causes turmoil when she returns to work at"Empire." Hakeem is starting to have feelings for Nessa, but she has eyes for one of the other Lyon family members. Tonight Jamal faces the woman who shot him, Freda Gatz, in one of the biggest steps yet on his road to recovery.

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