British actress Emma Watson, best known for her role of good witch Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" film franchise, is throwing her hat into the political ring, as she advocated for Americans to vote in the upcoming election.

Watson wrote that women have the power in this election

In a note that she has released unto social media, Watson, who is also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, referred to America as her “second home,” going so far to say that there are people in the United States that she thinks of as her family.

Admitting that the modern political system can be “disillusioning,” however, she wrote that the upcoming election would have a strong effect on the world over, rather than the United States alone.

While making sure not to name any politicians directly, one important issue to Watson is gender issues. As Watson wrote, issues that affect women can include how they are treated at work and school. In addition, she wrote that these decisions will also affect the way young children develop their thoughts on sex and gender.

Quoting Desmond Tutu, she also wrote that American men already know that these issues cannot be either "overlooked or brushed aside." She also wrote that, statistically, more women voted than men in the last election, meaning that they would have the power in the upcoming election if the trend continues.

People’s reactions to the statement

Watson’s association with the Harry Potter character has been tied into her statement in the media.

American comedian and media critic Stephen Colbert wrote on social media that the actress had spent “her childhood fighting a dark lord” and was now trying to save us from another one coming into power in the November election.

Although the first to make such a comparison as a reaction to Watson’s post, Colbert is not the first person to make such a comparison of Lord Voldemort to our presidential candidates.

According to sources, Watson’s Harry Potter alumni, author J. K. Rowling and fellow actor Daniel Radcliffe have made similar jokes on social media. Colbert’s contemporary Trevor Noah also recently made a similar joke.

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