Emma Roberts and Evan Peters make for October's perpetual "It" couple. They both have the acting ability and look to sizzle both on and off-screen. Even though Peters has yet to appear in cameo, his love interest Roberts always shimmies on scene. After a successful first season, the campy thriller "Scream Queens" blasts into homes with familiar serial killers and bodies. Instead of a preppy sorority, the storyline sprouts inside a hospital. Mysterious murders, monster masquerades and the mega mother Dean Munsch exist to serve hammy horror extra cold.

With Roberts and other famous actresses such as: Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd and Keke Palmer en route, Season 2 will have that homelike chill fans die over. Instead of bloodthirsty twins, a green-horned creature emerges from aradioactive swamp to seek unexplained revenge, and everyone is prey.

From my lens to my thoughts on theseries' renewal

Chanel Oberlin, the stereotypical pretty, popular sorority sister is now in medical school. Take a minute, and let that fact sink in. Her surviving friends, or minions, nicknamed "Chanel #3" and "Chanel #5" accompany her to now Doctor Munsch's sterile, aseptic and haunted hospital.

During their stay, they rival Palmer's character Zayday Williams for the former president's affections. Unfortunately for these young women, another evil force lurks behind every corner and crevice. Nobody is safe.

After the deaths of a patient and the boyfriend of "Chanel #5," zany detective Denise Hemphill blares into focus. She knows that without her help, these ostentatious yet depressed loonies have no chance to fly, plus Williams, under the watchful eye of Hemphill, has always been suspicious and shady.

This show is only five episodes deep, but with surprising unravels, shocking twists and farcical excerpts, fellow screamers know that this year is just as brilliant as the last.

With the masterminds behind "Glee" and "American Horror Story," Roberts and her posse will scare viewers into the Halloween spirit. Costumes have more allure, decrepit buildings have promise, tired friendships appear to glow and the television channel is always set to FX.

Thank God for season fall because Americans would scream for this cast of queens.

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