Is he with her? One thing for sure is he isn't with him! Slim Shady a.k.a. rapper Eminem is back with new music. This time around he's using his platform to speak out against Republican nominee Donald Trump. The diss track was released on Wednesday which happened to be the day of the final #2016 presidential debates. The song titled, "Campaign Speech" is nearly eight minutes long and full of jabs aimed at the presidential hopeful. The song already has more than 3 million views on YouTube and counting and more than 27,000 mixed reviews in the comment section.

Eminem slams Donald Trump in new song 'Campaign Speech'

The "Love the Way You Lie" rapper's freestyle track covers Trump's alleged sexual assaults towards women. In the track, therapper states, "uses intercourse to settle scores with women who have vendettas towards men."

Audio of a leaked conversation between Trump and former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush has been a turning point for Trump's campaign. Trump is heard saying vulgar comments about women he's been in contact with. The audio was from 2005.

Bush was suspended from his new gig on Today and was later fired for his involvement in the conversation.

Who will Eminem vote for in this year's election?

The Detroit native hasn't openly voiced his support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In the past, he hasn't been a big fan of hers. In his 1999 song titled, "Role Model" the rapper states Clinton tried to physically assault him and call him a pervert.

The track then goes on to say, "I ripped her f—— tonsils out and fed her sherbet.”

His fanbase will be all ears if he decides to have a change of heart. Neither candidate has responded to the new song.

Eminem shares what his fans have been patiently waiting for

The self-proclaimed "rap God" tweeted to his 20 million followers that he is working on a new album. The latest diss track was material for fans to keep busy with.

It has been three years since he's released an album. His last album, "Marshall Mathers LP 2" was his eighth studio album.

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