Everyone is "Counting On" eldestJana Duggarand maybe too much. Anna Duggar leans on Jana for support while her sex addict husband Josh Duggar (who molested Jana as a kid) is in rehab. Sister Jinger Duggar has the family by the tail with her whirlwind courtship and engagement to fiance Jeremy Vuolo. Everyone, most of all Jana, is busy getting ready for Derick and Jill Dillard to return from a mission trip. And sister Jessa Seewald will do her big pregnancy reveal and Jana's help will be expected there.

Yet poor Jana can't even decorate the guest house for the Dillards without Jessa criticizing her clock choice. Tensions between the eldest single Duggar and her family will hardly surprise.

Jana Duggar's patience of Job

The second oldest "19 Kids and Counting" kid, Jana is 26. She still lives at home and cares for her many siblings and their offspring. Everyone seems to take it for granted that big sister will always be there doing for them, through courtship (Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo claim that limelight), babies (Jessa Duggar has this one) and happy homecoming (Jill Duggar Dillard).

Even her sister-in-law Anna takes advantage of Jana, admitting that she likes Jana single for support in husband Josh Duggar'ssex scandal, rehab, sex pedophilia, porn addiction, cybercheating and adultery. Through all this, "Cinderella" Duggar (as she's been nicknamed) cheerfully pitches in. She even provides a listening ear and free childcare to the woman married to the brother who molested her.

Time to canonize St. Jana?

The Duggar family lost their original Reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" over Josh's behavior. The new one "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" follows all the children (minus Josh) but especially the marriages and new families of the fourth and fifth kids of Jim Bob Duggarand Michelle Duggar. SoJill & Jessa basically have their own show--you'd think Jessa could let Jana redecorate the spare room (she criticized her sister's placement of a clock).

The siblings say the girls have never gotten along (yet Auntie Jana is always there for unpaid babysitting). Maybe, like King David in the story of Bathsheba and Uriah, Jessa wants even the one thing that's Jana's. It could just be a teaser as TLC is known to do. The girls all seem pretty close. Jana is looking for Mr. Right, but reportedly her dad doesn't want her to date. You do have to wonder when Miss Jana will get tired of being everyone's rock and cry freedom.

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