Dream Theater, the heavy metal band from Long Island will take their show on the road to promote their new concept album, "The Astonishing." The band is James LaBrie, (vocals) John Petrucci, (guitar), John Myung (bass) Jordan Rudess (keyboards) and Mike Mangini (drums).

Dream Theater’s concept album is ‘Astonishing’

Their new albumis a theatrical story and now a live stage performance set to music. The band promises it will be an evening the fans will never forget!

Conversation with Dream Theater’s James LaBrie

James LaBrie spoke to us regarding the album and tour. One of the stops on the tour, is the world famous Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY on October 22.

Suzanne Rothberg: The new album, "The Astonishing"is like a rock opera?

James La Brie: It most definitely could be a rock opera. I think it set itself up for a perfectly theatrical play as well and fall into the theater environment. That would be the best way for people to identify with it.

Suzanne Rothberg: How didDream Theater get its name?

James LaBrie: That started many years ago. The band originally went by the name of ‘Majesty.’ Then they were informed that there was already a band that already had rights to that name. Mike Portnoy’s father, our original drummer who lived in California. And there was this little movie theater in Carmel and it was called, ‘The Dream Theater.’ He mentioned it to Mike and the other guys in the band.

With the kind of music they were starting to write and what they were going to be known for musically that this was the perfect set-up for a band name.

Suzanne Rothberg: How long did it take for the album to record?

James LaBrie: The actual recording process would be about six months. And that includes the writing although some of the writing happens before coming up with ideas and the concept and all that going as back as far as a year and a half in the making.

Suzanne Rothberg:"The Astonishing"album will be performed in its entirety?

James LaBrie: That’s the whole focus of this tour. We’re presenting this album exactly the way it should be. From beginning to end; it’s two and a half hours and it’s a very intense evening. We have a lighting design that goes with the show which is phenomenal.

Suzanne Rothberg: Who came up with the story and concept?

James LaBrie: The story line, the lyrics are written by John Petrucci (guitar) It was about a year and a half before we were even in the studio that we started talking about the fact that we felt that we were at the right stage in our career that we should do another concept album.

John automatically started going into what would be a really cool story and what would really support this kind of undertaking.

Suzanne Rothberg: What do you enjoy most about performing, touring, recording?

James LaBrie: To me personally, it’s that whole union with four of the guys and we’re making the sound that is something to behold. Each and every night, you go out and you’re creating this world through music and you can see the power of it. The people are absolutely enraptured with it.

Suzanne Rothberg: There’s also a video game based on the concept album,is that available right now?

James LaBrie: I don’t know if it’s available just yet it will be extremely soon.

Suzanne Rothberg: It’s just Dream Theater on the bill no opening act.

James LaBrie: No it’s just us. It’s basically "An Evening with Dream Theater"is how we title it. It’s two sets, it’s an hour and fifteen minutes for the first set and then an hour and ten minutes for the second set with a twenty-minute intermission.

Suzanne Rothberg: Is there anything else you would like to add?

James LaBrie: The production end of things is absolutely spectacular. We have big video screens and the imagery that is being displayed throughout the evening. Our lighting design is quite remarkable so it is stellar to witness and honestly the music itself we have such a great team behind us.

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