Like every week, we bring to you the translations of Fuji-Tv about the next episode of the series. It seems that this week we will have plenty of news for you. The synopsis is directly related to the leaked image we have already shown you a few days ago.

Here are the translations of the synopsis, according to Fuji-Tv.

Goku and Vegeta finish their training. In the future, Mai ventures into Zamasu’s hideout. Trunks comes running after Mai, but Black stops him and starts a new battle. As we can see, two important things are revealed.

First, Goku and Vegeta finish their training together. We assume that this training will be performed in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber while Bulma refuels the time machine, a process that will take a lot of time.On the other hand, it seems that Mai finds out Zamasu’s hideout, the place in the mountains in which we saw Zamasu and Black chatting and drinking tea in episode 61.

But why would Zamasu and Black hide there?

We believe that after each time they beat up Trunks, they decide to rest in their hideout, waiting for Goku and Vegeta to show again, since there are no other worthy rivals for them.

But Trunks recovers from the battle, and goes after Mai, who obviously has find out the location of this hideout. Trunks fights Black there one more time, but the villian’s power is superior. The Saiyan born on Earth may risk his life and fight to the death with Black, but surely, Goku and Vegeta will return from their training just in time to save him. This situation will probably trigger a new battle between Vegeta and Black, in which the prince of the Saiyans will surely unleash all what he learned in his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Ma-fuu-ba is the big questions...let's see!!!!

Fuji-Tv makes no mention of the Ma-fuu-ba, but Shonen Jump has revealed a few details, which we have already exposed to you in our previous note. The big question is… Will the Ma-fuu-ba work against Zamasu? Will it fail, forcing the Z-Warriors into other methods?

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