Fan video

A group of fans have created this new ending in tribute to the last chapter of the series, where the identity of Black was revealed. If Zamasu took the body of Goku for his “0 mortals” plan, how would the series be if Black was the protagonist?

This video shows us a different version of the third ending of the series. As you could see, the video is a great cover made by Lacco Tower, the group that thrilled many fans with rose petals and a great deal of classic characters. The version of Black is totally different from the original one, but is very well made, and may resemble the original in certain moments.


As we can also see, Zamasu is shown grabbing by the throat some old guy, a scene that resembles Cell’s saga, where Dr Gero (as an android) grabs Yamcha from the neck and almost kills him. We can also see Zamasu summoning Super Shenron to ask for his wishes, being the first changing his body and mind with Goku’s, and the second one the wish for immortality (yet this wish may have been wished by the future version of Zamasu).

A job well done by a group of creative boys. The music and the voices of this English version of the theme, along with the credits, are down below, in the description of the video.

This initiative makes us recall that Japanese manga that tells the story of Dragon Ball from a beginning, but with Vegeta (and not Goku) as a star of the show. The story begins with Vegeta being sent to Earth (instead of Goku), and being raised by son Gohan.

New ending

Regarding the new ending of the series, it implies that the saga is reaching its end, as it keeps approaching the final battle. Let’s remember that when a saga is about to end, Toei uses a new ending for the closing off of each final episodes.


We only need to know how many episodes are left before the end, but we think that there will be no more than 6, yet this depends on the extension Toei Animation has programmed for the final battle against Black and Zamasu. We expect that this Trunks saga will last until early November.