A supposed title for episode 66 has leaked recently. In it, there is a mention to a possible fusion between Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta. Yet, this information was obtained from the Japanese forum 2CH, and since we don’t have any scans of the magazine whatsoever, it may very well be a fake. Still, we have also received some information regarding the game Dragon Ball Heroes, in which a fusion between Trunks, Goku and Vegeta seems to be a possible character. Coincidence, or official confirmation of the merging of the 3 characters?


First, in the image of the gallery you will be able to see Towa in his new form of demon God, appearing in the official manga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


Following this image, there is a new set of cards in which a new Saiyan is featured with Vegeta’s clothing and Trunks’s hair, but with Goku’s volume. Could this be the fusion between the 3 characters? According to Kami Sama Explorer’s website, his name could be Vegiku, (a merge from Vegeta, with Trunks' “k," and Goku’s “u”), yet it seems to have more things in common with Goku and Trunks, than with Vegeta, although his name begins with Vegeta’s name. Now, these cards are exclusively for the Dragon Ball Heroes game, and may not mean that this character will appear in Super.

We want to make this statement clear, so that no false expectations or speculations are generated. It will surely appear in the game, but may or may not appear in the series. In fact, the Babari appeared in Heroes earlier than in Super, and the same thing happened with Zamasu (with green pothala earrings, watching Black and Goku fight). All this leaves us thinking if it’s possible, a fusion of this kind.

Possible 3-way-fusion

We think that a fusion between Goku and Vegeta, with the aid of Trunks’ power may be more appropriate, in other words, Trunks lending his power to Vegito.


Yet, the leak of the title we’ve already shown seems to point to the contrary. Only time will tell if we will be able to see such a thing happen or not, but like always we will keep you updated about this and any other news.