As many of you may already know from many Japanese forums like 2ch, some titles for episodes 66 and 67 seem to have leaked. According to these titles, the end of the saga is near. Now, are these titles official?

Let’s take a look at them and draw our own conclusions

Episode 66: 

The last great twist. Vegito appears!!

Episode 67:

Zeno appears! Zamasu dissapears!!

Lets  analyze

As you read these two titles, we must note that they are not from any official or reliable source, such as NewType or any of the other japanese magazines.


In fact, these magazines are released once every month, and we have already shared with you the news about the titles and synopsis of those releases, that go as far as episode 65. We also know that there has been a title for episode 66 that included a three-way-fusion between Trunks, Goku and Vegeta. None of them seem to be true, as we suspect they are fake. Why? First of all, because we got no scans of these titles whatsoever, and also because we know this saga will last just a few more episodes, since we know that in December a new saga will commence.

Besides, some important things about this saga have already been said in the events of "Dragon Ball Heroes" 6th anniversary -- one of those being the fixing of the Ma-fuu-ba jar, which will be the key to defeat Zamasu.

Nothing is said about Zeno, who may show himself but not to fight against Zamasu, who is still immortal. Besides, according to these titles the new saga would commence at episodes 68 and 69 and considering some filler episodes the dates just don’t match, since we know that the new storyline will be presented in mid or late December. We also know that there will be no filler saga, just one or maybe two episodes.

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Could Vegito appear?

The truth is that we got confirmation that Vegito will appear, not because of these titles, but because of the official data we got from magazines such as V-Jump and Shonen Jump, "Super Dragon Ball Heroes’" commercial, and because of Supreme Kai and Gowasu showing up in the future, willing to help.