On #Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has had a protagonist role since he decided to train with Whis, on Beerus’s planet. After passing unnoticed on the Battle of the Gods, Vegeta gained a protagonist paper with Goku, and leaded the very next sagas, The Resurrection of Frieza, and Champa’s Universal Tournament. Now, in this future Trunk’s saga, he is gaining territory once more, along with his son and Goku. We have even seen some attitude changes, since he now openly says that he wants to fight at his son’s side to defend his future, something unimaginable a few sagas back.


Now, on Fuji-Tv’s website, we found a synopsis of episode 62, which we will translate and share with you

Official Synopsis of episode 62, according to Fuji-Tv:

Trunks unleashes his power and fights on equal conditions against Black. He asks the rest of the Z-Warriors to return to the present time while they have the chance, and Vegeta is forced to take a hard decision.As you can see, Trunks will fight face to face against Black, while Goku and the rest escape to the present time. Nevertheless, Vegeta doesn’t seem to be very happy with the decision of leaving his son alone against these 2 terrible villains.

We will surely see an epic scene in which the prince of the Saiyans will have to choose between staying with his son and possibly die, or returning to the present time and figure out a way to defeat Black and Zamasu.

Vegeta and Trunks...hard choise and super power

Seems that we will have a touching scene between Vegeta and Trunks, in which he will have to make the hard choise, while his son will have to fight with all his power in his new Super Saiyan 2 stage (we strongly suggest you to read our note about this subject) We will also see Goku trying to find a strategy to defeat Black and Zamasu, and Piccolo giving him advice.


Why are the young Trunks and Goten flying on episode 62? Will they join the battle? The fans will regret Gohan’s appearences as a domestic helper of Chi-Chi, as Piccolo did in other sagas.