In today’s event about "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," there was a video with the new opening of the game. This could be the first opening of the series with new animations and future missions, as it happened before with the God Mission. Now, why did we title this note with "Dragon Ball Super" if we are talking about a video of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes"? First of all, we know that it was thanks to "Dragon Ball Heroes" that the first image of Zamasu’s fusion was leaked, although we were doubtfull about some of the details.


It was also this game that leaked an image of Zamasu with just one green pothala earring, watching Black and Goku fight. The game has given quite a few true spoilers about the series, and this could be another one.

Here is the complete video:

It seems that Goku will have to fight the fusion between Zamasu and Black. Could he fusion himself with Vegeta too? Is the appearance of Vegito the only chance to defeat this terrible foe? On another subject, a new image of the game has revealed that Zamasu is the name of this Supreme God (making no reference to Black).

This makes sense, since after all, they are both Zamasu, regardless that one of them stole Goku’s body. This opening also shows some data that has nothing to do with the series, since they are related to the game's storyline (all that is related to the Realm of Darkness and Towa’s new transformation, for instance). And as if all this news wasn't enough, we can also see the fusion between Vegeta and Trunks (that we mentioned in an earlier note) in action.

In summary:

The new content of the game will have future Trunks' storyline from "Dragon Ball Super," allowing Zamasu’s fusion to appear.


Also, the Realm of Darkness content will be included, along with Towa’s new transformation, and the Dragon Balls created by a dark Namekian (which will be named Makai Dragon Balls).

But to prevent any confusion, the only content regarding "Dragon Ball Super" (so far), will be the fight between Goku and Zamasu’s fusion. If you want to see more about the game and Zamasu’s fusion, we strongly recommend that you watch the following videos.