Many things are being revealed in the series, and the storyline is becoming clearer slowly. While Black’s identity is revealing itself, along with Zamasu’s schemes and his “0 mortals” plan, and the way he travelled through time to make his wish to the Super Dragon Balls, we are having a story filled with interstellar battles. According to New Type magazine, (which tends to give non official but trustable spoilers), Trunks will show his true power in episode 62. The same magazine has also given some information regarding episode 63, and a tough battle for Vegeta.

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What is this all about? What is the reason behind the releasing of Trunks' true power?


As we’ve been saying for some time, Bulma used the time machine to travel into the future along with the Z-Warriors.

She is helping the resistance and Mai, who recovered from a hard time with the help of the Senzu seeds. It’s likely that in episode 62 Bulma and Mai will want to see the battle from a closer distance, and may even try to help. Let’s remember that it was thanks to Mai that Trunks, Vegeta and Goku managed to escape the battle against Black and Zamasu alive. Now, could Bulma die, and this be the reason why Trunks unleashes his full power? If the leak from episode 62’s title is correct, Trunks will unleash his true power, or use a new super power to face Black and Zamasu.

But how does he do it?

We think that it may be too dramatic if Bulma dies a second time, since Trunks did already see his mother die in the future at Black’s hands, and this will not happen again, but what we do think is that Bulma may be attacked by Zamasu or Black, (and later be saved by the Senzu seeds, as it happened with Mai before), and this may unleash Trunks' true power.

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This may be a new transformation (Super Saiyan 3 maybe), or maybe the waking of a hidden power (as happened with Gohan many times when he was young). Let’s remember that, like Gohan, Trunks is a half-blood (Saiyan and human) and his power can be surprising. We have seen Trunks gaining territory in the Dragon Ball story lately, being more relevant now that in Cell’s saga, and this may be the overture for a new awakening for Trunks' power with a new transformation.