Finally, we have the official summary of Shonen Jump magazine coming out next week. Let’s remember that this cut was leaked before the magazine was printed, and this explains why it doesn’t have the classic purple color in it. This cut shows us the appearance of an unexpected character for the whole Trunks saga, with a unique technique that many may not remember. Could this be the key to defeat Zamasu? Is Goku travelling back to the past? Let’s take a look!

Official synopsis of episode 62 from Shonen Jump magazine: 

Title: “I’ll Defend This World! Trunk’s Rage Unleashes His Hidden Superpower!”

Subtitle: He’ll defend his world.


The great fury of Trunks!


Goku and the other Z-Warriors wage an intense battle against Black and Zamasu, but Trunks sends Goku and the rest back to the past. It seems like he will face Black alone. This week, Goku learns the Ma-fuu-ba from Master Roshi! Trunks strongly asks Goku to find a way to defeat Zamasu and Black, so he travels back through time to see Master Roshi and learn the Ma-fuu-ba.

Finally, the big mystery as to why Goku was not the protagonist in episodes 62 and 63 is revealed.

It seems like he’s travelling back to the present time to seek Master Roshi’s help (who is curiously highlighted in the new ending), and requests to teach him the Ma-fuu-ba. Let’s remember that this technique is seen in Dragon Ball when they battled against Piccolo Daimao, who was originally sealed in an electric boiler by it.

As far as we were able to see along the story of the series, the only characters that still live and know how to use this technique are Master Roshi and Tien Shinhan. But the downside of this technique is that the one that performs it dies in the process, after locking up the victim in a small container.


Is Goku sacrificing himself again? We also don’t know if Goku will try to seal both Black and Zamasu in that container, or just Zamasu, who is apparently immortal. We expect big battles ahead, in a saga that has delivered an excellent storyline.