Lately, there have been plenty of theories and speculations around episode 62’s synopsis. First, according to Shonen Jump magazines’s synopsis, we know that Goku will travel to the past to contact Master Roshi. Why? Basically, he figured out that the Mafuuba technique may be the key to defeat Zamasu and Black. As we all know, Master Roshi can perform the technique. Now, does the one that performs it die? Which are the differences between the manga and the anime at this point? Will Goku sacrifice himself to lock down Zamasu? 

Manga’s storyline

The tome 12 of the manga mentions the Mafuuba for the first time, when Master Roshi explains (episode 135) how his Master Mutaito developed the technique to defeat Piccolo Daimao (name that means in the original Japanese version “Great Demon King”).


The Mafuuba (which in original Japanese means “Evil Catching Wave”) is used to lock anybody down in a small container, but the downside of this technique is that it drains all the vital energy from the one that performs it, killing him in the process.

Master Roshi is very explicit on this subject, saying that it’s a mortal technique, and then he uses it against Piccolo but fails, dying anyway. Tien Shinhan learns it after seeing Master Roshi perform it, but he was unable to use it against Piccolo, since the electric boiler he used to practice it, broke up (tome 13 of the manga, episode 153).

In the end, Piccolo dies after being attacked by Goku.

Years later, when Piccolo Jr and Kami (inside a human named Shen) fought, we saw this technique once more, but this time Piccolo Jr replies with a technique called Mafuuba Gaeshi (literally counter-Ma-fuu-ba), which turned the Ma-fuu-ba against Kami, sealing him in the small container. The advantage of the Ma-fuu-ba Gaeshi is that it’s doesn’t kill its performer, but it can only be used after the original Ma-fuu-ba is launched.

Anime’s storyline:

The events happen the same way in the manga, with the difference that Tien Shinhan does use the Mafuuba against Piccolo, but the technique fails.

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Although heavily weakened, Tien Shinhan does not die, going strongly against the manga’s logic, which clearly says that the one that performs the Ma-fuu-ba loses all their vital energy and dies.

In their effort to fix this error made by Toei Animation, the official guides explain that the user of the technique uses this vital energy only in the moment of sealing the victim in the container, and if it fails it may not kill the performer. Yet this does not explain why in both the manga and the anime, Master Roshi dies, even after failing his attack, not sealing his victim.

Some fans argue that Tien Shinhan survives because he was younger and had more energy than Master Roshi, but we insist that in the original manga all this doesn’t happen.


If the logic of the manga is to be employed in this Trunks saga, then Goku should die after performing the Ma-fuu-ba to seal Zamasu, but if Toei keeps the anime logic, then Goku may survive, as Tien Shinhan did before.