As we commented before, 'Dragon Ball Heroes' will have a new face, which is going to be 'Super Dragon Ball Heroes,' and will include better game quality and will also show us a new character, whose name we already know. We will also reveal the message from Akira Toriyama for 'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2,' and all the news about volume 2 from the manga 'Dragon Ball Super.' Let’s see.

The release date will be in December

About volume 2 of DB Super’s manga, we confirm that the release date will be in December, and will probably contain 9 more numbers, offering us from the 10th to 18th. Surely this tome will explain how Pilaf and his gang obtained their wish to be young again.


About Akira Toriyama’s message for 'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' (translated)

“I’ve been drawing with less frequency lately, and that’s the reason why Toyotaro took the responsibility of drawing Db. Nevertheless, I still contribute with the basic ideas of the story, but in truth, Toyotaro’s great skills are the ones responsible for making Dragon Ball come back to life once more!”

This is Toriyama's message about the manga that will come with the Collector's Edition of the game, and it will serve as an explanation for the main story, which is produced by Toriyama, and drawn by Toyotaro.

The Dragon Ball Universe is now expanded thanks to Toyotaro, who helps Toriyama with the drawings, while he adds his unique touch for the main story. 

Lastly, we are reaching for the manga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which is drawn by Yoshitaka Nagayama, and published by Sakyo Jump magazine. This release presents the new character of the franchise, which we can see in the image gallery. His name is Mechicabura, a name that comes from a Disney song that also gives the name “Bibidi, Babidi and Boo," the main villains from the Majin Boo saga.


The song mentions the word Mechicabura before saying Bididi. All this indicates that this evil character from the dark realms has been awakened from Towa, and it seems that he requested the creation of a new set of Dragon Balls. When the full manga is translated, we will bring you the news.