Since the beginning of the series, we have seen as the villains (Black and Zamasu) developing their powers of attack in every battle. We have witnessed incredibly amazing fights between the Saiyans and these evil villains, who undoubtedly have been the more powerful enemies created by Akira Toriyama, in the world of anime. Last night, it was released -- episode number 64 of the series, and as expected, it was one of the best episodes ever. We could see the powerful fusion of the villains, however, there was an interesting detail that left all fans surprised, it is a wall of light, with a power never before seen. Next, we will be talking about it, and sharing the filtered revelations around the upcoming chapters.


The power of merged Zamasu

The powerful villains Black and Zamasu have merged. Now they’ve evolved into a fearsome foe, sporting both an immortal body and formidable power fighting. What’s more, merged Zamasu emits a wall of light that can eliminate all it touches! And yet, Goku and Vegeta don’t lose their hope of beating these powerful enemies. According to Shonen Jump, this new wall light emits a sound, which breaks the ears of their opponents, so there is no way that the Saiyan warriors can even approach this ruthless opponent.

Last night, it was revealed -- the corresponding official synopsis of the next chapter of the series, premiering next weekend, and according to what was said by Shonen Jump Magazine, the Z Warriors will become victims of Zamasu, losing once again the battle against this evil and fearsome villain.

Is the new Zamasu invincible? 

Much has been spoken about a new fusion between the Saiyans (Goku and Vegeta), which would result in the emergence of Veggeto. However, this has not yet happened, but it could occur in the final episodes of the series, but indeed, so far, the power of this evil villain, has not been equaled by any warrior so far in the series.

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