As we have told you before, some supposed titles for episodes 66 and 67 have appeared. On this subject, we have already given our opinion in a note before, which you can see in our articles section in our profile. In this note we will show you the latest spoilers of this saga, and how we think it will end.


First to mention, the spoilers given on the 6th anniversary of the "Dragon Ball Heroes" event, were strong. It has been revealed that the Ma-fuu-ba will be the key to defeat Zamasu, and also that the voices of Vegeta and Goku were recorded together in the same session, meaning possibly that Vegito will return.


Now, if Zamasu is sealed by the Ma-fuu-ba, why would Vegeta and Goku use the fusion?

Here is our theory

As Trunks fixes the jar that was meant to be used to lock Zamasu, Goku uses the Ma-fuu-ba to seal the villain, but somehow Black manages to separate himself in time (a side effect of the Ma-fuu-ba itself, we presume), and escape. As we all know, separating from a fusion made with the pothala earrings is not easy, but there are still some ways, such as what happened in Boo’s saga, as well as wishing it to Shenron.

It is also possible that Zamasu and Black foresaw this situation as well, and figured out a way to separate.

Now, with Zamasu sealed, the Z-Warriors still have to deal with Black, who is quite powerful in his SS Rose transformation, and possibly stronger after the fusion. This may be the reason why Goku and Vegeta chose to use Gowasu’s yellow pothala earrings to fusion themselves. This way, Vegito will have to fight against Black and use one of his deadly techniques to defeat him, or perhaps a new one.

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Nevertheless, we believe that Zeno will somehow show himself, as we know he still has an important role to play. We believe that Zeno will figure out the truth thanks to the device he gave Goku to call himself, but he will not take part in the battle itself. Instead he will get mad with Supreme Kai and Beerus but will forgive them since Black’s menace will be already controlled.

After that Zeno will give Goku a mission that will probably be the starting point of the next saga. Maybe Goku will have to travel to Universe 12, or any of the others.