As we all know, the Mafuba is a deadly technique according to the manga and anime series. However, in the anime you have seen times where the user is not dead when executing this dangerous technique, an example of that is Tien Shin Han. Anyway, in the manga (Original Story by Akira Toriyama), Tien Shin Han never makes this technique against a person, and none of the other characters have dared to implement this technique because they have knowledge that to do so could result in death. The exception is Kamisama (in the body of an earthling), which actually does not die because his Mafuba did not reach the top level because Piccolo Jr, returns with a new technique that consisted of blocking the Mafuba.


Why didn’t Goku die when doing this technique?

Recall that Master Roshi has used the technique. The Mafuba is a technique that consists of 3 steps. Next, we show you what it is about.

  • Use a container, jar, vase, bottle or anything that has a lid and can be closed. Put the so-called special talisman that could be attached to the blade in a jar with an inscription.
  • Taking a blast and swirling the Mafuba on the opponent until it falls.
  • Once trapped, the opponent must be sealed within the the container and the seal must be applied with Ki.

Additional information

When Tien Shin Han practiced this technique in the manga, he did it without sealing anybody, therefore, he did not die.

Goku did the same but practiced with a turtle, which was entering the vessel, but at that time the container did not contain the talisman, as it was not sealed, with no cap, nor with the seal of the Ki, so it was never completed. Especially for the talisman, which was not even in the vase. The strange thing is that Master Roshi says it is a dangerous technique. Apparently, the anime will not follow the rules of the manga, because, in the case of following the rules of the manga, Goku would have to die, when doing the technique against Zamasu.



Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.