The fans of the series are debating strongly since Beerus killed Zamasu from the present time. This intervention has opened the debate if the God of Destruction should intervene each time a villain menaces the Universe, or not. Many fans even question why he destroyed Zamasu, but never attempted to stop Cell. As we all know, Cell altered the course of time, and because of this new timelines were created, not to mention that he also threatened to destroy not only the Earth, but the entire Universe.


Why didn’t Beerus stop him at that time?

Here is the answer to the big question…

First of all, according to the series chronology, Beerus spent many years sleeping. In fact, his sleep was interrupted during the Battle of the Gods because of a premonition from the oracle fish. Before going to sleep, Beerus “suggested” that Frieza eliminate planet Vegeta. After that he went to sleep, while Goku was still a child. Now, is this the reason why Beerus didn’t stop Cell? In truth, the fact that Beerus was sleeping at the moment of the Cell’s saga, is no excuse to not intervene at all. Whis could have awakened him at any time. Yet, Cell’s actions never get to jeopardize the balance of Universe 7.


Cell was created by Dr. Gero to take revenge on Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon Army. That was his main objective, but as he grew stronger, his thirst for power became endless, and by the time he achieved his perfect form, Cell’s only dream was to dominate the entire universe. Unfortunately for him, he could never achieve his goals, since he was defeated by Gohan’s fury (unleashed by the death of Android 16, and the sacrifice of Goku).

We think that since the Universe wasn’t in any real danger, Whis never woke Beerus up.


Things would have gone differently if Cell managed to defeat the Z-Warriors, destroying the Earth as a result, since we believe that he would have attempted to destroy other worlds, jeopardizing the balance of Universe 7, forcing Whis to wake Beerus up. Let’s remember that the Earth was nothing more than a number for the God of Destruction and his assistant, and that its destruction would not affect them at all. But all of this changed in "Dragon Ball Super," since Whis and Beerus really enjoy Earth’s food, and have somewhat developed some sort of friendship with Earth’s inhabitants.