A few days ago ACPlanetUS team was looking for information about the upcoming characters that appear in the next saga of "Dragon Ball Super." As many will know, the next saga is about the tournament that Zeno programmed in the previous tournament which was formed by the destroyer god Champa-sama and Bills-sama, with his angel Vaddos-sama and Wiss-sama.


Zeno is the omnipotent, is the creator of all, the god of gods -- creators and destroyers. The creators are Kaio's, destroyers depend on these. The tournament approaching will be for the next series, after the saga of Trunks and Black that is slowly winding down to a close.


The tournament will be just like the tournament of Champa, but this was programmed by the omnipotent Zeno with the reason I encourage you to see -- to fight Goku and his friends. There has been a great build up in terms of events leading up to this big tournament, and so it will be interesting to finally be able to see it commence.

Destroyers and Creators gods who were in the tournament were shocked to see the arrival of this and more impressed when he says he wants to talk to Goku.


Zaiko is the son of the creator god of the West, that is, the West Kaio.

This character has the DNA of Son Goku, this time with the warrior becomes the most powerful race, with the power to defeat any enemy easily. In the next Zaiko saga, he could assume the role of commander of the opponent's team. The way this tournament is reached via Champa, Champa is responsible for searching all opponents to defeat the opposing team. Either way, with the current saga with Black coming to an end, we will soon see this next installment coming up.


This information is not one hundred percent confirmed by the show runners  of the "Dragon Ball Super" series.


This information is one hundred percent speculation based on scans and the current information available. This character may appear in order to participate in the tournament and complete on the opposing team. His name is Zaiko.