This time we show you a title for episode 66, which came out of the Japanese forum 2ch. This episode has not been included in the summaries of the NewType magazine that was released a few days ago, so we are doubtful about how true this information can be… you are warned. However, it already happened at some time that a title has been leaked without a scan and ended up being true. Keep in mind that this title is even less official than the ones that usually leak out and that are not trustworthy. Time will tell, but for now this is the provisory title we got, and this is the analysis of it.


Episode 66: Fusion!! The pride of Vegeta, the fury of Goku, and the hope of Trunks!

If you can recall, this title is almost the same of that of episode 286 of "Dragon Ball Z," which made reference to the fusion between Vegeta and Goku, and the emergence of Vegitto. However, the hopes of Trunks had been added, making this title confusing. Does it make reference to a triple fusion, or is it that Trunks’ hopes lay in the return of Vegitto? It is our thought that there will not be a triple fusion (which we still need to know how it could be performed) and the title makes reference to a set of feelings between the 3 characters, and the true fusion (if the title is correct) will be performed by Goku and Vegeta.

They could obtain the pothala earrings from Black and Zamasu, or even ask for them from Gowasu from the present time.

Maybe, to effectively perform the Ma-fuu-ba against the villains, Goku and Vegeta need to fusion themselves, and then receive Trunks' power to further increase the fusion’s power. We know that Vegitto is a very proud warrior, and he will refuse to seal Black and Zamasu. Instead, he will probably want to fight against the villains. Let’s remember that according to the NewType magazine, in episode 64, Black and Zamasu will fusion themselves to create a Supreme God.


Next episode 

For now we expect that the next episode of the series (number 62) will further spin around the Ma-fuu-ba, and Goku and Vegeta’s plan to return to the future, while Trunks stalls for time fighting the villains.