After the romantic kiss between Trunks and Mai, which he used to feed her a Senzu bean (he chewed it so she could eat it without much effort), Goku’s sayings unleashed a strong controversy. It seems that there are 2 visible errors in this sequence. Mainly, there is a translation error which brought even more confusion. Even in our note about the translation of the episode, we’ve made some mistakes regarding this confusing scene.


Let’s see what really happened:

Dialogue according to subtitle translations of the episode:

After the kiss, Goku says: “Trunks, how can you put your lips together like that?

Vegeta: "Damn it, have you never done it before?"

Goku: "Of course not"

Vegeta: "But you are married"

Goku "Has that anything to do with that?"

Real translation of the dialogue:

After seeing the kiss Goku says: "I’ve never kissed before (confused)"

Vegeta: "You never did it?"

Goku: "No, never"

Vegeta: "That’s amazing, coming from a married man"

Goku: "Why does that matter?"

As we can see, Goku clearly says that he has never kissed before, but in truth, "Dragon Ball Z" showed us that he did. We think that Toei had become confused, and in their eagerness to make Goku look childish and immature, they also made him forgetful.

Some fans argue that what Goku meant to say is that he never used a kiss to feed a Senzu bean to another person. If this is so, then Toei is showing us a Goku that can’t figure out what Vegeta meant to say, which can be worse than showing him as a forgetful character, since he is a grown man of many decades that can’t understand simple expressions.

We think that Toei simply forgot that Goku has kissed before, and in their effort to make him look childish and immature, they added that dialogue. Anyway, Toriyama doesn’t care much about romantic scenes, since he already made clear that he doesn’t know how to make them, and that he has no skill for that.


Some fans even got surprised when they saw Vegeta speaking of kissing so openly. But in truth, this isn’t really so surprising to those who have read the original manga “Dragon Ball Minus”, where Bardock is shown as a warrior who deeply loves his mate (Gine), and his family, since he does everything in his hands to save his son.